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Purchasing Original Art, Prints, and Game Cards

Purchasing Original Art, Prints, and Game Cards

Original Art

If you wish to contact me either to commission an original illustration or to buy an existing one, please see my contact information at the bottom of every page. I am open to negotiation in both cases. However, I do have minimum fees and purchase prices, below which there is no longer room for compromise.

Included with a fee for a commissioned illustration, I expect a contract and/or purchase order, a reasonable amount of time to do research for the job, and an equally reasonable amount of time to do sketches and the finished piece.

I will provide ideas for an illustration assignment when requested, sketches, an invoice, and a professionally done finished piece that will meet your deadline. Many of the illustrations I have produced are also available for second rights use. That is, they have already been used other places, but can be used again at a considerably lower price.

Most of the pieces you've seen on these pages or on my promotional sheets or cards, are for sale. If you come across something you'd like to own, please contact me and I'm sure we can come to an agreement that satisfies us both. If you want a certain piece of artwork framed first, I can have that done also. Framing, shipping, and insurance charges will be added onto the price of the illustration.

Under most circumstances I will not be selling you the copyright along with the original illustration. If you wish to own the copyright to a particular piece, assuming I have control of the copyright, there will be an additional charge. I only accept payment through PayPal.



To purchase prints of the illustrations on this website, just email me with the name of the image and I will arrange the purchase through PayPal. The price for each print is $35 including postage within the USA. All prints are open stock and not numbered, but are signed. They are printed on 8.5" by 11" matte photo paper, and are shipped in a well protected envelope. The exceptions are prints of Magic: the Gathering images. All purchases of Magic images are handled by Mark Aronowitz at If you are located outside of the USA, or if you wish to purchase original art, please contact me by e-mail to get purchasing information.

Collectible Game Cards

I will no longer be signing my collectible game cards for free as I have done in the past. Unfortunately, I have found that people for whom I signed cards, with the understanding that they were for their own personal collections, have instead been selling these signed cards on the internet and at conventions. So, if you contact me with requests to sign your cards, I will let you know the cost, including postage. I do not have cards of my own to sell you. 
Otherwise, I'm very happy to sign collectible game cards. See below for information on Magic: the Gathering cards. For all other cards, send no more than 20 cards at a time. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make getting them back to you as effortless as possible, and if you're mailing from another country, please include enough postage to cover the return trip. This usually entails purchasing two postal coupons. Allow 1-4 weeks for cards to be returned. I can't be responsible for cards lost or damaged through the mail.
I also have some Magic: the Gathering artist proofs that I can sign and/or create art on the blank backside in color or black & white. The cards I did for Magic: the Gathering are: "Reap," "Insight," "Eladamri, Lord of Leaves," and "Eladamri's Vineyard." However, the only artist proofs I have left are "Insight" with black or white borders. I can also sign Magic cards that you own. I am now doing all this through Mark Aronowitz at: Please contact Mark if you'd like any of these services performed.
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